December 26 - Boxed-In Day

Second and final night in the guest suite,

now with car immediately,

driving to Dunkin' Donuts (Cream-Filled, as the second Philadelphia Food Group)


Wawa (coffee and newspapers again, with no soft pretzel this time),

rendevous'ing with


and moving out -- her decision to walk-until-picked-up-by-a-shuttle-driver evidently an inherited trait. 


celebratory situations,



Laurie on

conference video from New York;

then dinner at El Gran Rodeo,

 driving sis back to the Elwyin

train station, and dealing with another round of Up and Down, augmented by Chris and maybe George... 50th day of fall at home: high a sunny 55 (last 3 days an ABA 55/53/55), still warmer locally, though neverless gloomy, at 60...