December 31 - On

Well, that's about it for this year, the continuing saga at

But, oh yes, first we have to get home from that Philadelphia Spirit flight, starting with a six-hour overnight layover in Dallas, at times fitfully sleeping like a homeless person on a padded bench in the Wendy's, adjacent to the white noise of a double escalator, masking all-night talk-TV 1984'ing all over the terminal.

At last the plane,

with a randomly-assigned window seat

(to have chosen same would have meant a nickle-and-dime extra $10 inconvenient credit-card charge) --

and no carry-on luggage,

 other than a personal item

(The solution?

Wear the robe under the tux jacket and Mr. Peachum's morning coat, stick the slippers into pockets of former,

shaving kit into compartment of latter, rolling up with Solano County Public Library bag into the other).

Mostly spectacular scenery,

ending with panoramic views of the greater Bay Area.



back to



scenically homeward

via 880,

80 in Alameda,








on, with a truly wonderful welcoming back from Harriet, plus finishing blitzing through the editing of Alma Maria Schindler Mahler Gropius Werfel: 1895 - Max Burckhard, Op. 232, No. 17 (18 pages total),

over stimulating video.  Home at last!

Happy New Year!

High a sunny 55

(54 in Oakland) on the 53rd and last day of fall,

57 in Dallas...