December 8 - Troopers

Tramp, tramp, tramp --

that's the sound --

down highways and byways to the Diablo Valley College

Music Theoreticians: third and final review, before beginning the Exam next session... For the present, double Dictation / Board Harmony on Kurt Cobain's Heart-Shaped Box and Thom Yorke's Kid A: Morning Bell,

followed by more exquisite Student

Compositions of Round 4,

lingering to subsitute-teach Michael Stubblefield's class (last week's Howard Shore - Lord of the Rings: Shire).  32nd day of fall (high 55 locally, 58 Pleasant Hill), editing page 3 Alma Maria Schindler Mahler Gropius Werfel: 1894 - Schule, Op. 232, No. 16 and

composing tenth system The Decameron - Fifth Day, Op. 247: Novel II - "Gostanza loves Martuccio Gomito, and hearing that he is dead, gives way to despair", Op. 247, No. 2.