December 3 - Possibilities Revealed

Every day, new hopes?...






freeways to the

Music Theoreticians, for another double Dictation / Solfege / Board Harmony / Added Tones exercise of Elton John's The Lion King: Circle of Life (Part II) and

Mark Alburger's Antigone, Op. 88: XII. The Pride of Oedipus

plus impressive compositions by Hunter and


heading back, initially experiencing health issues, but eventually leading to a truly amazing evening with Harriet, capped off by a supply run, on the 27th day of fall, high 55 (63 in Pleasant Hill - also precip... .26, for a total of 2.23 since the rainfall year began on July 1),

with revolutionary videos,

revolving around the editing of page 8 Alma Maria Schindler Mahler Gropius Werfel: 1893 - Alma / Sophie / Grete, Op. 232, No. 15 (10 pages total), and 5th-system composition re The Decameron - Fifth Day, Op. 247: Novel II - "Gostanza loves Martuccio Gomito, and hearing that he is dead, gives way to despair", Op. 247, No. 2.